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Quality and SHE


Quality Policy

We, at IMC and group of companies, recognise and practice quality as an integral part of our services to achieve total customer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations. We are committed to meet their requirements ensuring continual improvement in all our activities.

To achieve this goal, our objectives are

  • To identify the needs of all customers and provide best quality services

  • To carry out receipt, storage and delivery of products consistent with the requirements of the customers

  • To continuously upgrade the infrastructure and services to match the changing needs of the customers

  • To continuously train our employees to perform the tasks in a systematic manner to provide effective quality services

  • To continuously improve upon our systems and standards of services.

SHE Policy

We are committed to and value Safety, Health and Environmental Protection as an integral part of our services and operations. We pledge to work towards Safety and Health of the employee, neighbours and customers. We will comply with all statutory laws, regulations and standards to provide adequate protection to our employees, customers, community and environment.

Our aim is to make our work premises free of occupational injury, illness and accidents. Accident prevention in day-to-day activities is our foremost priority. It will be our endeavour to make all our employees at all levels and contractors familiar with the knowledge of Safety and Health through training and communication. We focus on safe working practices and provide safety systems and equipments to carry out operations.

The risks that are likely to occur are identified and emergency preparedness plans are formulated and practiced.

We are committed to conserve our natural resources and upgrade protection of the environment by minimising waste generation and contamination of air, water and land. Any residual waste will be disposed off in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Environmental Policy

In the interest and effort of whole community in securing Safe Environment along with industrial growth, IMC Group of Companies affirms High Importance to Pollution Free & Eco-friendly activities in all its operations.

In particular, We are Committed,

  • To carry out Receipt, Storage, & Delivery operations of bulk liquid products in an Environmentally Responsible manner to prevent pollution.

  • To comply with all statutory norms & regulations applicable for Environmental Protection and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

  • To develop among the Employees & Interested parties an awareness of Environmental Responsibilities.
  • To identify the areas for minimising waste generation & promote Recovery, Re-cycle & Re-use.
  • To dispose off any residual waste in an Environmentally Responsible manner.
  • To conserve Natural Resources.
  • To increase and maintain Greenery in and around Terminals.
  • To continual improvement in all our environmental performance by Setting Targets & Periodical Review.